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Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits (SGH) is open to Christian* homeschooled students ages 12-18 (with occasional exceptions for younger or older students.) It is an exciting, educational, nine-week course culminating in a performance of selected scenes from two of Shakespeare’s best plays, taught by professional actor/storyteller, Christopher Leebrick. Class is limited to 20 students.

Two plays, selected by Mr. Leebrick, are featured in performance. This year, the plays will be Love’s Labor’s Lost, and Julius Caesar. There are two final performances on the same day: Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 1:00 and at 5:00 PM. Selected scenes are performed from each play, with Mr. Leebrick filling in the narration between scenes. This makes it possible to perform each play in about one hour’s time.

All students meet two times during the first week (auditions) and three times the final week (including performances). At the end of the first week, students are divided into two groups. Starting the second week, each group meets once a week. Classes are generally four hours long; final dress rehearsal is five hours. Chris is also sometimes willing to stay after class to work with students, if necessary. As we draw near to the end of the practices, they will often run overtime…occasionally by as much as a full hour or so. Every effort is made to notify families of this ahead of time, but longer practices in the last few weeks should be expected if Mr. Leebrick decides that these would be helpful.

Auditions are held the first week. On these two days, students must be prepared to present a memorized speech or monologue (1-3 minutes in length from one of the two plays being presented.) Beginning students need not be terrified of this; auditions are conducted in a very supportive environment! The second day of auditions consists of impromptu readings from the selected plays. (Note: to do their best, students should be as familiar as possible with both plays prior to auditions). One important thing to keep in mind: please do not use an English accent when speaking your lines!

* While the class will be taught with a Christian worldview, there is no statement of faith to sign or specific religious requirements for enrollment.